Where You Might Have Seen Yanik Silver and Maverick Business Adventures®

Virgin Galactic Passenger #144

Why impactful businesses generate more profit

There’s no doubt – we’ve come to a significant moment…

What’s worked before is no longer an option. It’s time for Maverick entrepreneurs, visionary creators, change makers, and impactful leaders to rewrite the rules of business for the 21st century. In fact, I predict that businesses without a core impact will be at a competitive disadvantage in four to seven years (or less).

Mavericks And Creating A Raving Fan Base And My Ulterior Motives

A GRT recommended I speak at a Maverick event his buddy was organizing ... What got me though is that this group of super smart business types would also be helping the Green Beret Foundation execute a new program designed to make it easier for GB’s to find work in the civilian world..."

Why one successful venture isn’t enough for this maverick entrepreneur

"Changing the way business is played revolves around a new concept we have called "evolved enterprise," an idea of creating businesses that come out of your true path, your true self, almost what you were meant to do."

Stop Networking, and Start Making Yourself the Connective Hub

"...Many of my invite-only gatherings aren't for the faint of heart. From zero-gravity flights to road rallies featuring exotic cars or even sabering champagne bottles, these events demand something different from attendees — and that is intentional....."

The executive 'adrenaline junkie'

"...Yanik Silver, a serial Internet entrepreneur and self-made millionaire founded Maverick Business Adventure. The exclusive club for wealthy entrepreneurs offers adventures such as high speed evasive driving, combat pistol shooting, parabolic flights to experience zero gravity, ice climbing on a glacier, wildlife safaris and extreme scuba diving..."

How Healthy CEOs run Healthy Companies

"Staying plugged in constantly could hurt your business more than help it because constantly immersing yourself in your business doesn't allow for new creative thoguhts to emerge."

Yanik Silver puts his business plan for his latest company online for all to see

"Yanik Silver, a serial entrepreneur by nature, couldn't help but turn his hobbies into yet another business - one that combines his thrill-seeking nature and his passion for work into a concept that is irresistible to his contemporaries....."

Yanik Silver combines a love of adventure and a love of business to get better at both.

"Yanik Silver was getting nervous, which was making him angry. He'd come all the way to Iceland from his Potomac, Maryland home to scuba dive the Silfra Ravine, a rocky crevasse about sixty feet deep but often narrower than a two-lane road. About two hours east of Reykjavik by car, the ravine is a place where the American and Eurasian continental plates meet — you can literally swim from one continent to the next — and Silver had dreamed of diving it for years. The sky-blue water was so clean you could drink it, so clear you could see through it for 100 yards...."

Fast Cars and Mullet Wigs: How I Won The Maverick Business Adventure

"I didn't really want to strip to my underwear on a street in broad daylight and sing Bob Seger's Old Time Rock and Roll a lá Tom Cruise in Risky Business. But when I agreed to come on this trip for a very unusual entrepreneur's adventure, I told myself that I'd play along. And this, apparently, was part of the drill...."

Biz execs dye hair pink for breast cancer awareness

"On Sunday, the Image staff showed you how to wear pink on your fingers, feet and sleeves to support breast cancer awareness, but why stop there? In honor of October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 20 business executives met at the Marina del Rey Ritz Carlton on Sept. 30 and let John Paul Mitchell hairstyling students turn their manes the month's signature shade. Part of an event for the Maverick Business Adventures group -- whose membership consists only people who run a $1-million-plus company -- the entrepreneurs also gave $7,000 to Fran Drescher's Cancer Shmancer and $8,000 to the Variety Boys & Girls Club in the Boyle Heights area of East L.A. Not ones to run and hide their new coifs, the Mavericks then let their pride flags fly some more as they drove exotic cars up to Napa on a road rally...."

Want to combine business with pleasure? Yanik Silver is your man with a plan

"...So what happens when a pioneering young internet entrepreneur wants to go on vacation but can't get his buddies to come along? He creates a business that combines travel and adventure, networking and charity..."

Yanik Silver — Make More Money, Have More Fun, Give More Back

"...Yanik Silver is an online mastermind when it comes to setting up a business on autopilot to make millions of dollars. An established Internet marketing expert, he's been in business online since 1998 and has numerous Internet products to his name. He is a self-made millionaire and is recognized as one of the leading experts on web marketing, but considers himself a "techno dunce" because he still doesn't know how to put up his own web pages. With help only from his wife, he has grown his businesses from an initial investment of $1,800 to over $13 million in sales. ..."

"Maverick Adventures" When millionaires mix work and pleasure, the result is a high-octane adventure.

"...The millionaires are on a zero-gravity flight high above the Nevada desert, but they could just as easily be off-road racing in Baja California, Mexico, or rock climbing in the Rockies as part of a Maverick Business Adventures (MBA) outing. MBA is the brainchild of Internet-marketing whiz kid Yanik Silver, who contends that adventure and business networking are compatible bedfellows..."

Venturers hit the heights to offer a helping hand

"An adventure travel company plans trips that bring like-minded entrepreneurs, chief executives and small business owners together to exchange ideas and also support the next generation"

"Crashing Courses" Entrepreneur Yanik Silver Believes There's Innovation in the Collision Between Business and Adventure

"...The entrepreneur lives with the throttle wide open, and he believes everyone else should do the same. That's why he started Maverick Business Adventures..."

Extreme Networking

"Mavericks are reimagining the business trip and bonding with their peers...Perhaps even more valuable than the daily business sessions are the bonds formedtighter than any networking event could ever conceive...."

Networking's new x-factor: adrenaline - High-octane trips level playing field

"For generations, the golf club was a primary place for doing business away from the office. But Yanik Silver, founder of Maverick Business Adventures, says today's entrepreneurs are looking for something more aggressive than swinging a 9 iron when they step outside to network..."

"...The most unique, most elite active travel club in America..."

"If you're a sizzling-hot maverick, business-wise, and you meet the stringent qualifications, wait till you see where mega-millionaire Yanik Silver wants to take you..."

Finding the Right Group

"...have one-on-one session with success business owners, and take a trip to Mexcio with motorcycle mogul Jesse James. Here are some of the country's most exclusive networking organizations..."


4 New Books That Can Change Your Entrepreneurial Life (Evolved Enterprise Listed as #1)

[Evolved Enterprise] is a must read for all aspects of managing the cross section of your life and your business and how your brand speaks to the world.

The Millionaire Daredevils

For entrepreneurs...who invest in thrills beyond their day-to-day work schedule, risky business is a way of life....



Businesses Who Ignore This Trend Will Be On Life Support In 4-7 Years

In 4-7 years, a huge shift is coming that could change everything, says maverick entrepreneur, Yanik Silver. In his new book, Evolved Enterprise, Yanik says there are inside and outside forces barreling down on business-as-usual at full speed—ready to crash and shake things up. And if you’re not braced for impact, your business may not survive....

Mavericks raise $30,000.00+ for the Branson School of Entrepreneurship 7/20/2008