8 Maverick DNA Core Values

  1. A Little Bit Quirky, a Little Bit Rock n’ Roll – not taking ourselves too seriously but still being (mostly) cool!
  2. C’mon Baby Light My Fire – instigating the spark, inspiration & connection for bold 21st century entrepreneurs.
  3. But Wait, There’s More… obviously taken from a typical infomercial line, this is a driving goal of creating surprise, delight and astonishment beyond expectations.
  4. Ripple – Maverick is not just a pebble thrown in a pond, but a boulder. We’re the catalyst for impact with our philanthropic innovation, entrepreneurship and giving forward.
  5. Banish the Ordinary – why have an ordinary life or create an ordinary business? You get to make the rules, decide what really matters and how you keep score.
  6. Continuous Growth and Learning – Individually and collectively growing and getting better, smarter and faster – and then spreading that knowledge further.
  7. Abundance – Mavericks are about multipliers and an exponentially bigger and better tomorrow.
  8. Co-Creation – Co-creating something with infinitely more value and sharing in the greater rewards with everyone at the table.