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Camp Maverick brings together the entire Maverick Global community plus an additional group of invited VIP guests and icons. Previously our participating attendee list at events has read like a ‘Who’s Who’ in business and technology.

Living together, playing together and learning together in this shared space creates more meaningful connections and bonds leading to friendships and significant potential business opportunities.

This is nowhere close to a typical seminar where attendees disperse to various restaurants or outings. Everyone here is in one spot so the “collisions” and synchronicities from putting together some of the brightest minds in this kind of setting will uncover new resources, capabilities and connections you couldn’t even imagine.

That’s why Camp Maverick is an application-only process to curate the ideal mix of entrepreneurs, business leaders and impact makers from a multitude of fields together in one remarkable place.

There are only 100 available spots. (Considering there are 4,000 past Underground® attendees we expect a significant number of applicants.)

We are looking for a combination of business success, current contribution, what you bring to the table and signs of having the ‘Maverick DNA’. Your acceptance will be confirmed within 72 hours of submitting your application.

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